Abraham & Moses

Abraham and Moses are two key leaders in the history of Judaism. Abraham was named by God to be the father of all Judaic believers and from his decedents three of the most widely practiced religions in the world were created. Moses is believed to have been chosen by God to free the Hebrew slaves from captivity in Egypt. The Hebrew tribe are the ancestors of the present day Jews around the world.


aaa.jpgAbraham was born in the Chaldean City of Ur, Mesopotamia to his father named Terah. He later married his half sister named Sarai and they and his nephew Lot lived together in the land of Ai. After some time trouble arose between their neighbors and Lot so they went their separate ways. Abraham and Sarai settled in the area of Canaan. There in the Judaic religion it is believed that God changed Sarai’s named to Sarah and promised her a son. Before Sarah bore Abraham’s son, he laid with his wife’s servant Hagar and she bore Abraham’s first son Ishmael and later Sarah bore Isaac. The controversy between these two siblings still exists in the Middle East today. Ishmael’s decedents are believed to have began the Muslim religion while Isaac’s decedents link to Jesus thus Judaism and Christianity. Due to Abraham’s devotion and obedience to God, he was promised to be the "father of the Jews" and his people would be under the protection of God.


Abraham is one of the most important figures in Judaic history, his obedience and loyalty to God gave him the opportunity to pass his blessings on to his generations. which include present day Jews. Abraham also fathered three religions that exist today, Judaism, Muslim and Christianity. Three religions that have affected the history of the world and which play an important role in the lives of millions of people today.


Moses was born during a time where the Pharaoh of Egypt had ordered that all male Hebrew newborns be killed by drowning in the Nile river. Moses was born into the Hebrew tribe, but due to his mother’s love and dedication he did not die due to this law. Moses’ mother Jochebed wove a basket and placed her newborn son into the Nile. There, he drifted down the river and was so lucky to be stumbled upon by one of the princesses of Egypt. Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince living in luxury and never knowing of his Hebrew background. But, one day he saw an Egyptian soldier beat a Hebrew slave and murdered that soldier. He knew that if the Pharaoh found out of this he would be put to death, so Moses fled to the desert. There Moses became a shepherd, married and had a son. After sometime Moses went up to a mountain where it is believed that God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, ordering him to free the slaves from Egypt. Moses returned to his former home in Egypt determined to free the slaves even though the Pharaoh refused. God sent down numerous plagues to the Egyptian people which ended in the death of people, animals and plants. Finally Pharaoh let the Hebrew Slaves free. On their journey out of Egypt and back to their native land of Israel the slaves and Moses encountered many unbelievable events i.e. the opening of the Red Sea, columns of fire/cloud to guide them night/day, water from a rock and even the supply of food from the sky. Moses was also given the 10 Commandments by God written on two stone tablets.



Moses is responsible for the freedom of the Hebrew slaves, who were the chosen people of Egypt. They were under the rule of the Egyptian government for over 400 years forced to live as peasants rather than the blessed decedents of Abraham. Moses, who was raised as an Egyptian prince changed his ways, dedicated his life to God and was blessed for his obedience. While the Hebrews crossed through the desert, Moses was given the 10 Commandments on stone tablets. These tablets were written by God and are the center of Judaic and Christian beliefs.

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