Spread of Roman Empire

roman_republic.jpg1. The fall of the Roman Republic

The fall of the Roman Republic was more than a single man or event. For the fall of the Roman Republic was because of several individual's actions and achievements, coupled with social conditions that weighed heavily on the Roman society. It all started with the Punic Wars and Roman's trip outside of Italy, followed by the Roman's importation of slaves. The face of Roman life was changing fast, so fast that the Roman government and body could not deal with. Not only that but the people of Roman were finding themselves involved in Political infighting and because of that people in power were fighting against others power. This fight caused a civil war among the people of Roman, and because of that Roman people and classes divided causing the fall of the Roman Republic.

2. Julius Caeser takes control of Roman Empire

Roman was in need of someone who had power, someone who could run the empire and bring stability back to it as well. The only man with that power was Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was the man ​who neither started the fall or finish of the Roman Republic. For Julius Caesar was the man who continued a cycle of events, that made the fall of the Roman Republic irreversible. Julius Caesar’s strength and character held the Roman Republic together, just until his death. His assassination and the continuation of the Civil War required power of a ruler for the Roman nation: The Roman Empire.


3. The spread of The Roman Empire

While Roman was under Julius Caesar’s power the Roman Empire was able to grow into something more than what it is. Julius Caesar adopted and encouraged a strict imperial strategy in maintaining the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was able to enter in to a new golden age, where arts, architecture and literature flourished. Rome went thought an enlightened period. Most great poets came from within the Roman Society. Roman was becoming big, so big that Roman had over one million residents. Not only that but Roman had covered most of North Africa and some of Asia as well and because of the order Julius Caesar had built, the people of Roman were able to live in peace and spread.


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