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Regents Exam: Test Breakdown

The NY State Regents Exam in Global History and Geography is structured around a variety of themes, that we can use to categorize all of the events, ideas, people and places we study this year. This link will take you to the NY State Global History Regents Themes.

Want to go straight to the source? Check out the regents home page: The Official Website of the NY State Regents Exam where you can find an archive of past Regents exams.

The actual test is broken up into three parts:
Multiple Choice: There are 50 multiple choice questions that cover a vast range of topics, from prehistory to the post-Cold War era. These questions assume that students understand major themes in Global history and are comfortable analyzing and interpreting sources like graphs, charts, primary accounts.

Thematic Essay: There is one thematic essay on the exam. This essay asks students to write about certain events, ideas or people related to one of the themes of global history. Often times students are expected to discuss more than one person, place, event or idea to demonstrate their understandings of how various historical events are connected.

Document Based Questions/Essay (DBQ): There are 2 parts to the DBQ. Part A consists of short answer questions based on several documents. Part B asks students to write an essay analyzing the information presented in the documents.

Multiple Choice Strategies

Thematic Essay Strategies

Document Based Questions/Essay (DBQ) Strategies

Links to Useful Sites/Tools

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Old Essay Questions
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Key Regents Vocabulary