The social studies skills we will be developing fall under the following categories. Click to see specific skills we will work on this year.
Developing Arguments
Group Work


• Using an index to navigate complex books
• Perform library and database searches
• Select sources with appropriate level of depth


• Interpret primary documents from a variety of historical eras
• Use primary documents to draw inferences about various historical events
• Identifying cause and effect
• Compare and contrast events, arguments and perspectives

Developing Arguments:

• Write outlines that specifically address an essay question
• Create original thesis statements and introductions that address specific tasks
• Use secondary and primary sources to formulate and support arguments
• Follow Regents Essay format for DBQ and Thematic Essays


• Label regional maps
• Be familiar with political and topographical maps
• Understand how borders are created


• Take organized notes from power point presentations
• Annotate complex documents
• Synthesize historical readings
• Paraphrase notes from mini-lectures using headings
• took notes on presentations in guided note charts


• Use technology (video cameras/audio recording programs) to create presentations
• Create and present brief power points, oral presentations and other visual aids to support an argument or new learning
• Active listening and responses to peer presentations
• Make eye contact with and engage the audience
• Present using index cards

Group Work:

• Work effectively with peers to produce a group product
• Take on a designated role within a group for specific assignments/products
• Participate regularly in accountable talk

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