Religion in Egypt and Greece

Background on Egypt and Greece

While Greece is in Europe and Egypt is in Africa, they are cross each other from the Mediterranean sea. The geography of Greece prevents a central government so City states were formed. The two major city states are Athens and Sparta. Athens was the center of learning and Sparta was about Military and war. Egypt is next the Nile River. The Nile River provides fertile land for farming. Egyptian ruler was called a Pharaoh.

Ancient Egypt

Religion in Egypt

Egyptians were polytheish (believe in many Gods). The sun god Amon was Chief God. Osiris was the God of the Nile. Egyptians also believed in a host of other Gods who served specific functions. Foundation of religious faith of the Egyptians was belief in life after death. Egyptians prepared their dead for the after life through preservation process call mummification. Egyptians believed that Gods could, and did, control life in Egypt. They believed it was magic and it was part of everyday life. Egyptian doctors used herbal cures and sometimes they used spells and give medicine at same time.

Ancient Greece

Religion in Greece

Greece believes in many gods. Most important God was Zeus, Ares- God of war. Aphrodite- Goddness of love, Hermes- messenger, Poseidon- god of sea. Greek Religion covers a time- span of about 2,000 years, from its origins Greece up to the merger of Greek thought it with Christianity. Poseidon is god of the sea and earthquakes and in associated with horses.

Comparison Of Greece and Egypt Religion
Egypt and Greece religion have some relationship with each other. Egypt and Greece both believe in many Gods. Greece and Egypt both believe that there God had the power to take life. Egypt and Greece both believed that a God had a specific job to do.

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