Ancient China Job Specialization

Ancient China

Ancient Chinas Jobs consisted of such things like the military and also they would have trade. In China the Military is known as Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). The defense policy was balanced in different kinds of proportions. China had four main objectives. PLA consisted of an army of about 3 million, an air force of 500,000 and a navy of 350,000. When China would trade they traded with different places to get what they needed also so they were able to get more money and become better from trading with different places.

Ancient Rome

Soldiers were recruited from those in need of land, and those that obliged, were promised land.
Everything relied on agriculture and trade. Sailors would ship surpluses across the Mediterranean, along with trading with China and India. Roads were built my military soldiers to give the Roman Empire access to Persia and Southern Russia. Most involved with trade were farmers and herders.
Roman Slaves
Slavery was very common in Rome during these times. Slaves represented 1/3 of the total population, the highest in Roman history. The majority of slaves were civilians dominated by Roman armies. Slaves were deemed property of their owners; therefore, they could be punished, traded, sold, or even set free. All decisions were left in the hands of the slave masters.
The gladiator games were punishment for mainly criminals who’d lost all citizenship rights, slaves, and war prisoners. Others would volunteer themselves by swearing themselves in to a gladiatorial troupe. They would do this in hopes of being respected in such a manner as the Roman soldiers were.