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Indus River Valley Settlements
The Indus River Valley was an early civilization. It was referred to the Harappan Civilization because archeologists found eveidence mainly in that part of the civilization. By 3200 B.C, people were farming in villages along the Indus Valley River. In the Indus Civilization, also known as the Harappa Civilization, settlements were built throughout 2600 B.C to 1700 B.C. The Indus Valley Civilization was well organized cities built out of bricks and stones. The Indus civilization did not have any technology to enhance their technique, so many structures were man-made. The Indus people built huge structures in enormous cities that they built on their own. They also built streets and homes with built in private baths!

Greek Settlements
Many of Greeks settlements began on the shores of Greece. From then on, Greeks traveled inorder to get exposed to other cultures. Different communities began to form in Greece. For example: Ageaens, Achaeans and the Pelasgians. Greece later on started to be ruled by Kings and Queens. Greece became a strong community by making Sparta one of its strongest military.
Indus Drainage System
The Indus people had their own way of constructing their homes. Since they didn’t have any technology, they had to come up with a clever idea to drain out the wastes that they wanted to get rid of. Although, they had private baths in their homes, it didn’t come with pipes that connected to the sewer. Therefore, they came up with a drainage system. Both the kitchen and the bathroom had drains leading out to the main roads. These drains were cleaned out periodically.

Indus Transportation
While many other countries might’ve ridden horses and traveled in carriages, the people of Ancient Harappa were getting from one place to another in Camels, elephants, ox and carts with wooden wheels. Sometimes, they would even use a ship built by themselves in order to help with trade along the Arabian Sea. Transportation also played a major role in Trade. The many ways they got around in order to trade were with man-made ships, bullocks and carts.

Greece transportation

Ancient Greece was consisted of a group of islands; so many Greeks used ships to get around. Traders and people who wanted to leave out of Greece had to go get a ship. People that didn’t want to leave Greece a common was to travel was to ride mules and oxen. Mules was used to when it was light weight traveling and oxens was used for heavy weight traveling.